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1 Year Free Wildcard SSL. 30 Backup Copies Available. Fewer Accounts on Server. One-click Git Repo Creation. More FTP options on our servers. FTPes FTP over SSL/TLS. Our FTP server setup allows secure transfer over explicit TLS/SSL FTPes. You do not need additional private SSL for your account to use it. Just make sure you check the option for FTPes in your FTP client during upload/download and the default SSL on your server will be used for to secure the transfer. SFTP SSH File Transfer Protocol. SSH access is allowed by default on all plans so you can enable SSH File Transfer Protocol for any type of hosting account on our servers. How to manage permissions.
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Hosted FTP saves you time and money ExaVault.
Using a third-party hosted FTP service means your files are secure without the pain of doing it yourself. Hosted FTP means that a third-party such as ExaVault runs your FTP hosting for you. That means you have less to worry about in terms of operational costs server maintenance and security updates. You can focus on running your business not worrying about technology. Using a third-party hosted FTP service provides a number of advantages. Save time and money vs.
Secure FTP Hosting Server for Business BrickFTP.
Unlimited Users and Unlimited Uncapped Bandwidth. 50000 Users From 1500 Businesses Worldwide Trust BrickFTP. Fast Connections Via FTP SFTP FTPS WebDAV. Our proprietary FTPS SFTP FTP and WebDAV engine allows lightning fast access to your files. We also provide a beautiful web and mobile interface. Single Sign-On SSO options including OpenLDAP and Active Directory allow BrickFTP to instantly integrate your existing user database. BrickFTP encrypts your files during transit and when stored on our servers. Custom SSL Certificates are supported as well so your brand is always visible.
Hosted FTP Sites FTP Storage for Business ExaVault.
Join businesses in over 100 countries who use ExaVault as their branded FTP solution. Click to start your free trial. ExaVault is FTP at its core pure and simple. Around that core we have built the ultimate toolset to fit your workflow. Whether you have a simple FTP workflow or require a multi-user environment with granular permissions and web-based access and configuration we've got you covered. Sign up now or check out our features to learn more. FTP Hosting File Sharing Made Easy!
No file size limits or upload/download bandwidth restrictions. Transfer files as fast as your Internet connection allows. Ready to Start Sharing? Become more efficient and productive with FTP Hosting! Gone are the days of being charge a setup fee. CyberLynk will never charge a setup for our hosting services and this goes for upgrading and downloading too. Using Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer you can drag drop files just as you would if you were moving files/folders around on your personal computer. The only difference is. All of our FTP hosting packages and servers are HIPAA Compliant. Here is HIPAA Compliant Statement for your reference and documentation.
Enterprise FTP Hosting for Business with Secure Online Data Transfer.
Save time money and headache by replacing your online file sharing and FTP with SmartFile. Easy FTP for Everyone. SmartFile is a straight-forward easy to use application. Drag and drop functionality logic based options and buttons advanced search that indexes file content and so much more. With SmartFile there is no software to install. Simply use any web browser with your custom sub-domain to access your files folders links and users. SmartFile can connect through any FTP client as well. You can rest easy knowing that SmartFile guarentees a 99.9% uptime.
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